Project Description

A Sustainable Solution


Eagle Mountain is located in Southern California, one of the largest and most dynamic electricity markets in the U.S. The project will augment the transmission grid connecting the large power markets of Southern and Mid-California, helping meet the requirements of the State for significant new and replacement power sources immediately and over the next several decades. The project will also assist the State with its mandated goal of 50% of energy to come from renewable sources by 2030.


The Eagle Mountain Pumped Storage Project will generate 1,300 MW of firm, stable, and dispatchable power when needed. It will provide electricity during the peak electrical demand periods, unexpected generation outages, and help correct imbalances in the southwestern grid. Pumped Storage is the only feasible, proven technology to store energy in the off-peak and utilize it during on-peak hours. Through its ability to utilize the off-peak energy produced by windmills, solar panels, and fossil fuel plants, this single project can accomplish the equivalent of many smaller peak-energy projects. This project will also help make renewable wind and solar projects fully integrated, reliable generation sources.



Eagle Mountain Pumped Storage project is Green and Clean


Pumped storage is the cleanest way to provide peak power because of its relationship to renewable generation, such as wind and solar power. The project converts intermittent and unreliable wind and solar energy into a firm, dispatchable peaking resource. The project will be developed in a previously mined site, and will convert a portion of this highly disturbed landscape into a regional asset. Eagle Mountain will maximize storage of renewable energy sources, and will produce no air emissions. The project is further environmentally sound because it utilizes a closed loop system (water pumped back and forth) that does not interfere with any existing waterway or aquatic habitat.


Eagle Mountain pumped storage will reduce the need for less efficient, fossil-fueled alternatives and can significantly contribute to utilities achieving their mandated renewable energy supply goals.



Current Status


Eagle Mountain Mine was operated by Kaiser Steel Corporation from 1948 to 1982 for the mining and concentrating of iron ore through excavation of four open pits located on the land. Eagle Crest Energy obtained exclusive rights to study the site for development of a hydroelectric project from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (“Commission” or “FERC”). Using two of the excavated open mine pits as reservoirs, the Eagle Mountain Pumped Storage Project will store water in an upper reservoir for later release through an underground power plant to the lower reservoir, generating electricity during peak hours when it is needed most.


A Preliminary Permit was issued by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) in 2005, and renewed in August 2008. A Draft License Application (DLA) was submitted in June 2008, and a Final License Application (FLA) was filed on June 22, 2009 by the Eagle Crest Energy Company (“ECE”). The License to construct was issued in June 2014. The License is available for viewing at the project website

With the growing demand for electricity, the aging generation fleet, and the mandated demand for significantly greater development of renewable energy sources in California, The Eagle Mountain Pumped Storage project is ideally situated to enhance the electrical power system in Southern California and the southwestern region.


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